90 Days Sober: Tips for Success

sobriety tips

Sobriety isn’t a goal for you to simply check off a list. It’s an ongoing choice that shapes the rest of your life. At Any Length Retreat, we deeply understand how important patience and self-evaluation are in order to maintain sobriety. Everyday you complete of sober living is a big accomplishment, but 90 days without drugs or alcohol is a huge achievement. Below are some tips for success to hit the 90 days sober benchmark:

Take it slow:

Although it depends on a per case basis and the experience you might be having, Any Length Retreat generally recommends a 90 day program as this has been proven to be most effective when achieving sobriety for a lifetime. Hearing that something will last 90 days can be overwhelming. Three months of sobriety could seem like a hurdle you’ll never be able to overcome. We know that you can overcome it, however it starts with taking things one day at a time, or even one moment at a time.

You are not defined by your addiction:

Your addiction has happened to you, but it’s no more a part of you than a scab on your knee is. Just as scabs fall off and your skin heals, your addiction can lose its influence over you. What matters most is seeing yourself as worth of healing. When you identify as only an addict, you’re telling yourself and everyone around you that you believe there’s nothing more to you than your problems. Our 90 day program will help you remember just how much you have to offer society.

Forgive yourself:

It’s likely you’ve made some unfortunate decisions as a result of your addiction. Trying to forgive yourself might be next to impossible, but you need to in order to succeed with sobriety. The longer you carry burdens, the longer it’s going to take for you to make the right choices that keep you away from drugs and alcohol. You can forgive yourself while still acknowledging the effects of your poor decisions.

Look forward with hope:

A brain that has 90 days of sobriety is one that is going to be intellectually and emotionally clearer. The idea of having a mind capable of making the right decisions and exercising self-control is more than worth all the time and energy that goes into staying sober.

Don’t be hard on yourself:

You might wonder, “Does sobriety get easier?” For you, it might. For others, it might start off relatively easy yet become difficult based on unforeseen circumstances. The point of recovery isn’t to reach a point where you no longer crave drugs and alcohol. Recovery is a never-ending process and learning how to stay sober from drugs is a daily struggle for many. You have the means to succeed, but you have to believe in yourself everyday.

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