What is the Recommended Time for Residential Treatment?

There are probably a lot of people reading this article and are considering checking into treatment for drug or alcohol use, and they are all wondering the same thing. “How long should I be in there?” Unfortunately the answer is probably not as straightforward as you would probably like. There are lots of factors involved […]

How Long Does it Take to Recover From Addiction?

There is no real answer to this question. Recovering from addiction is a process, usually defined as the time when an addict is no longer plagued by the mental obsession to use drugs and alcohol. There is some debate among people in recovery when it comes to using the term “recovered”, because working a program […]

What is Legal Pot, or “Spice”?

“Spice”, also called “K2”, is a semisynthetic mixture of ground plant matter and chemicals often smoked by people looking to become intoxicated. It can also be referred to as legal weed because some of the chemicals found within it are similar to those found in marijuana, however the effects of using spice are often very […]

Most Common Street Drugs and Their Effects

Heroin Heroin is a common street drug made from morphine, which is extracted from the opium found in opium poppies. Heroin is known for its properties as a powerful sedative and painkiller, which together combine to create an intense feeling of intoxication and euphoria. Users generally inject heroin directly into the bloodstream, although it is […]

What is MDMA?

MDMA, commonly called “Ecstacy”, or “Molly”, is an illegal drug that falls into the classification of stimulant hallucinogens. Popularized in the 90’s by its use at all night dance parties, or “raves”, MDMA is most commonly used as a club drug, though its use has expanded in recent history. MDMA is characterized by its effects […]

What to do if I Found Drugs in my Son’s Room

It’s every parent’s nightmare. No one wants to believe that their little baby might be involved in anything so unsavory and dangerous as drug use. It could be anything; weed, pills, coke, meth, heroin, maybe even something you can’t identify. I doesn’t necessarily matter what you found. The problem is the same: your son is […]

What to do if My Son is Using Drugs

There may be many different ways that you can find out that your son is using drugs. Money and prescription medicine going missing, changes is your sons mood and behavior, and sickness are signs that your son may be using. Or maybe you just find drugs or paraphernalia outright, confirming suspicions that you may have […]

What are Dabs?

Dabbing refers to smoking butane hash oil, which is a form of cannabis that has extremely high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana. Compared to the relatively small amount of THC in regular marijuana, which can range from 3% to 25%, hash oil, or dabs, can have as much […]

What is Crack?

Crack is the most common name for crack cocaine, which is a highly potent illegal stimulant. Derived from powder cocaine, crack is made by mixing cocaine with ammonia or baking soda and heating the mixture until rocks form. Because of the high purity of crack in comparison to regular cocaine, it is extremely powerful, and […]

Can Klonopin Be Abused?

Klonopin is the brand name of the prescription drug clonazepam, which is prescribed by health care providers to treat seizures, panic disorder, and certain types of anxiety disorders. Klonopin is of the drug category benzodiazepines, which include the drugs alprazolam (Xanax), diazepam (Valium), and lorazepam (Ativan).  Benzodiazepines create a feeling of calm by affecting neurotransmitters […]

Is Adderall Addicting?

Many people in America suffer from a common condition known as ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Symptoms of this disorder include finding it difficult to pay attention, disorganization, moving around constantly, and impulsivity. ADHD is relatively common in the United States, and “the American Psychiatric Association states in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders […]

What is GHB

GHB is a psychoactive sedating substance that is commonly referred to as a “club drug” or “date rape” drug. Though used occasionally in its prescription form, Xyrem, to treat narcolepsy, GHB is most often used illegally, and is sought after for its euphoric and intoxicating effects, as well as the effects of sedation and amnesia. […]

What is Methamphetamine?

Crystal meth is the common name for the illegal psychoactive drug methamphetamine, a strong and highly addictive chemical that affects the central nervous system. Appearing in the form of white crystals or crystalline powder, meth is a potent, and highly addictive stimulant, and is also referred to as, “crystal”, “tina”, “ice”, or “glass”. A popular […]

Is the “Pink Cloud” a Real Thing?

“Pink cloud” is a term that is commonly used to describe the state of being heavily invested in a program of recovery in early sobriety, and is generally the result of being propelled forward by the sting of a horrible first step experience. A pink cloud is prolonged and intensified by a spiritual experience due […]

How to Enjoy Life Sober

Sobriety is about living life to the very fullest without the need for drugs and alcohol. Drug addicts and alcoholics become so used to self-medicating that they forget what it means to enjoy things without being under the influence. Working a program of recovery rooted in spiritual principles allows drug addicts and alcoholics to not […]

Can I Use CBD if I’m in Recovery?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent active ingredient found in marijuana, and is known for its effect of reducing anxiety and providing a very organic calming sensation. Some people in recovery may frown on seeking this sensation, and classify it as relapse behavior, even if it is not itself a relapse, […]

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Weed. Cannabis. Pot. The devil’s lettuce. Reefer. Grass. The names for it are endless, as is the debate over whether or not it is a gateway drug. So what’s the truth about marijuana in relationship to other drugs? Is it a gateway drug? Honestly, it depends on the person. Some people have addictive personalities, and […]

Dating in Recovery

Dating in recovery is an interesting subject, and a topic of heated debate in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. Obviously we are human, and crave human connection. In fact, one could argue that the desire for human connection is the single most powerful driving force in the history of the human race, and that it […]

How Long Should You Wait to Sponsor?

Everyone’s program looks different. Part of the experience of recovery, and really part of the experience of living life, is that everyone is in a different place in terms of their growth as people, and so placing a definitive timeline on certain things when they are determined by personal growth is a bad move. Determining […]

Benefits of Meditation in Recovery

Meditation is a powerful tool. Not just for people in recovery, but for anyone that wishes to use it. It is always beneficial and never detrimental. Meditation is slightly different for everyone, but the basic idea is the same. Listening. Listening to the world around you. Listening to God. Listening to your heart. There is […]

Adderall Addiction in Corporate America

With the increase of the demands of a workplace in corporate America comes the increased need to work harder, better, and faster, and unfortunately with those needs comes the increase of the abuse of stimulants to compensate for the highly competitive atmosphere of a high energy workplace.  Adderall is a psychotropic prescription drug that increases […]

Humbling Jobs in Early Recovery

The ego must be destroyed.  Addicts and alcoholics run on ego in active addiction. It fuels all manner of delusions surrounding the way things are, have been, or will be. Ego clouds judgment and comes from a primal need to be secure at all times, whether that means being secure in the delusion that “things […]

Withdrawal from Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines are the cause of some very serious addictions around the world. Benzodiazepines like alprazolam (Xanax), clonazepam (Klonopin), diazepam (Valium), and lorazepam (Ativan), are a sedating class of prescription drugs used in the treatment of anxiety and panic disorder, and have sedating properties that come from their effect of increasing the activity of GABA, which […]

What are Xanax Bars?

Xanax bars are the most common term used when referring to alprazolam 2 milligram tablets. Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine medication used to treat severe anxiety and panic disorder, and is commonly abused for its sedative effects. Xanax bars, also referred to as planks, school buses, ladders, or bars, are extremely habit forming, and are the […]

6 Signs Your Son is Using Pills

1. Changes in mood and erratic behavior Mercurial mood swings is a classic indicator of substance abuse, and is directly related to whether or not a user has the ability to get high. Pills such as morphine, hydrocodone, dilaudid, oxycontin and others have the effect of creating vast valleys of moods that line up with […]

Methamphetamine in America

Methamphetamine has been declared the most commonly abused hard drug in the world, according to a study conducted by the World Health Organization in 2006. The meth problem in America has been consistently overshadowed by the opioid epidemic, due to the explosive amounts of opioid deaths in comparison to meth overdoses, but the problem remains […]

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine, known as “Special K” is a dissociative anesthetic used in a variety of medical scenarios for humans and animals, and it is also a common “club drug” like ecstacy. It produces a feeling of dissociation, and can also have sedative and hallucinogenic effects, making it popular in club settings as a drug of abuse. […]

6 Common Mistakes with Interventions

Things like remaining firm and setting real boundaries are very important when navigating through the emotionally taxing territory of an intervention, and avoiding these common mistakes will lead to a successful intervention. Not upholding boundaries It can be difficult, especially when intervening on a loved one, to set and hold boundaries, but it is paramount […]

Early Warning Signs of a Relapse

Relapse is one of the biggest fears for someone in recovery. Through all of the trials and tribulations that we encounter on our path to sobriety, many of us have a good idea of just how bad it can get if a relapse were to occur. The fact that addiction is a progressive disease means […]

Strategy for Quitting

Are you an alcoholic and drug addict? The question plagues some; those of us who use drugs and alcohol so much that they question the meaning of their very lives. The answer is simple. Ask yourself a couple of questions. Do you obsess about drinking like a “normal person”, or when you start drinking or […]

Are You White Knuckling?

Are you white knuckling your recovery? This is a very important question to ask yourself if you are going through the trials of early recovery, and a question that you must continue to ask yourself throughout your life as a recovered person. White knuckling is dangerous territory to be in, as it may mean that […]

The Only Guaranteed Hangover Cure

People hate hangovers. I know. Not very insightful, but it’s the truth. People hate them. There are countless supposed cures to hangovers; anything from gatorade to plenty of water to even drinking alcohol in the morning, and even after the misery of vomiting and waking up with a splitting headache, some people still feel the […]

How to Control Your Drinking

There are many among us who drink. Some drink rarely, some drink moderately, some drink a little too much, and some simply can’t control their drinking. It is a common phenomenon to discover that, even after a few drinks, you still want more. You find that you can easily pick up a drink, but putting […]

3 Secrets to Staying Sober

1. Tell on yourself Secrets are a dangerous thing to have when you are on a path to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Keeping secrets means that you have something to hide, and in recovery there should be nothing that you feel you have to hide. Whether it is telling your sponsor when you […]

Can Marijuana be Addictive

There is a question that has stirred many fires throughout the history of addiction; a question that has been raised by lobbyists, people in recovery, and the government, as well as countless others. Can marijuana – a drug that is often regarded as nothing more than a medicinal herb, or even excluded from the category […]

6 Signs Your Son is an Alcoholic/Addict

In most cases, moderate alcohol consumption or occasional drug use are not life-threatening patterns of behavior. However, there is a subset of the population that exhibits habits that go beyond the threshold of moderation or even heavy use. If you think it’s possible your son might be struggling with a serious substance abuse problem, look […]

Why does Austin, TX have a strong recovery community?

Austin, Texas is famous for having a community that has made getting sober fun, and has chronically high success rates for getting and staying sober, particularly for young people. There is a culture that has not only made recovery possible, but even singularly desirable, and even downright trendy. Many people who see recovery in Austin […]

How to Prevent Relapse

Relapse is one of the greatest fears that people in recovery have, and understandably so. So many drug addicts and alcoholics suffer the insanity and hell that characterizes a terrible using spree, and it becomes such a horrible experience that when they finally get sober, naturally there would be a fear surrounding going back out […]

Is Recovery a Way of Life?

Individuals that enter into recovery often think that recovery is an area of their life. As the disease of addiction gets worse and worse over time it becomes a way of life for the addicted individual. By entering into recovery, the individual who has suffered from the disease of drug addiction/alcoholism must find a sufficient […]


When it comes to drug addiction, enabling is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Enabling perpetuates the addiction and often makes it worse. When family and friends enable a drug addict, recovery becomes nearly impossible. Much like trying to put out a fire, the addict needs to lose all of the resources that continue to […]

Intervening on the Family

Any Length Retreat works diligently with families of addicted loved ones. Often times during an intervention the loved one becomes the center of attention, because that is the center of the current crisis. After the “crisis”, the loved one using and engaging in harmful actions is in recovery, meaning they are now in the care […]

Guilt and Shame: An Addict’s Best Friends

When I used drugs and alcohol, there were many negative side effects that go beyond the physical and spiritual effects, including emotional trauma. Over the years of addiction, I gained a couple of unwanted best friends- Shame and Guilt. Guilt is the emotion that we feel when we have done something that we perceive as […]

The Importance Of Honesty

Part of the baggage that comes along with being a drug addict is the perfected skill of lying and dishonesty. It is practiced in every area of life when you are suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction. Lying was a way to avoid responsibility for actions, manipulate others for money or drugs, and way […]

Living In The Now

If you are a recovering drug addict, dealing with a recovering drug addict, or even just a normal non-addicted person, wrapping your mindset around living in the present can bring a lot of peace and joy into your daily life. Staying present can help ease any big changes in your life and keep you less […]

Serious in Sobriety

If we are being honest, anyone who is sitting in the rooms of an alcoholics or drug addicts anonymous meeting has been through a lot of heavy or even traumatic experiences. Addiction and recovery from drugs and alcohol is serious. In most shares, you hear tales of homelessness, suicide, arrests, overdoses, loss of loved ones, […]

Boundaries With Your Addicted Loved One

Setting boundaries in any situation is important but can be complicated. Boundaries are necessary to remind you what is and is not acceptable- whether that’s in your diet, your relationships, or with your loved ones struggling in addiction. In early recovery it can be frustrating to figure out what boundaries to set, how to create […]


In drug and alcohol recovery, being open-minded is an essential way of framing your thought process that can make a huge difference in your ability to succeed. Open-mindedness means being willing to be accepting of new ideas and different ways of seeing the world and other people’s ways of thinking. It come from an awareness […]

Is Snorting Fentanyl a New Trend?

The Deathly High Fentanyl is a fast-acting drug used to treat severe pain, however, in some cases fentanyl has become a never-ending nightmare. If you’re a fan of TV shows similar to The Walking Dead, you have an idea of what to expect from the zombie side effects of this horrible habit. The terrifying fact […]

The Benefits of Meditation In Recovery

If you are like I was a year ago, you may hear the word “meditation” and immediately roll your eyes. Then, I believed that meditation was something used only by tree huggers and yogis and had no real benefit to my drug abuse recovery, my spiritual growth, or improving my quality of life in general. […]

Can Dogs Help You Stay Sober?

According to studies, dogs do wonders for your mental and physical health. Аnd many people, including Steve-O, agree that dogs can help those in drug abuse recovery stay sober. If you are in recovery and need some extra support to keep you on track, a furry four-legged friend might be the answer you are looking […]

Challenges for Introverts in Recovery

Introverts are people that generally prefer to be alone. To introverts, being around other people is tiring, stressful and distracts from their own thoughts. They don’t always want to be alone, but they typically don’t want much social interaction – especially with big groups of people they don’t know. This tendency can sometimes make recovering […]

90 Days Sober: Tips for Success

Sobriety isn’t a goal for you to simply check off a list. It’s an ongoing choice that shapes the rest of your life. At Any Length Retreat, we deeply understand how important patience and self-evaluation are in order to maintain sobriety. Everyday you complete of sober living is a big accomplishment, but 90 days without […]

How Long Does Heroin Withdrawal Last?

With drugs, especially ones like heroin, the side effects can be extremely hurtful. This leave many addicts to want to know more about the withdrawal process of heroin. There are actually two sides to recovery from any substance—the physical and the psychological. Let’s start with the physical. Many people describe heroin withdrawal as feeling like […]

Nutrients Needed for Recovering Addicts

Alcohol and drug addiction drains our bodies of the essential vitamins and nutrients we need to feel and perform our best and stay healthy. Below are tips on how to eat and live a healthier life after addiction: Nutrition for Addicts Alcohol and drug addiction deprives your body of nutrients leading to decreased energy levels, […]

Having Fun in Sobriety

For the longest time, I refused to accept the idea that it’s possible to have fun being sober. Sure, I had plenty of fun growing up with friends before drugs were introduced to me, although the moment drugs became part of my life, it was hard for me to find my joy anywhere else. I […]

How Long Does Drug Recovery Take?

How long does it take to get over an addiction? This is a good question, although there are no simple answers to this as every person is different. Most medical professionals working in recovery say that you can’t ever eliminate your tendency for addiction. Getting over an addiction to a substance or alcohol isn’t anything […]

Gratitude in Early Recovery

Learning to be grateful while in the beginning stages of recovery can bring a great amount of benefit and can be a very powerful tool to have. What are you grateful for today? To be sober, to have a family, to be alive are just some of the many possible reasons to be grateful for […]

Signs of Addiction

Whether you’re a parent, a co-worker or a close friend of someone that might be struggling, there are a number of different signs to look out for to determine if someone is suffering from addiction. By looking at these signs of addiction and confronting your loved one, you may be saving their life. 1. Appetite […]

Boredom and Substance Abuse

After your time in a 12-step recovery program, your life changes for the better and the ways you used to occupy your time are not how you currently spend your free time. This can warrant pockets of time where boredom can develop. The problem is that boredom post-substance abuse can be a trigger for relapse. […]

Why We Are NOT A “Treatment” Center

Do you want to stop going in and out of treatment centers? Do you want to stop relapsing? The Any Length Recovery Center for Men has an affordable alternative to treatment centers. Our experience has shown us, that if you are the real addict or alcoholic, many traditional treatment center techniques won’t be effective. If you’re […]

10 Suggestions for Newcomers

Addiction is like this alter ego that lives inside of us. It has its own voice and makes demands pretty frequently. Upon immersing ourselves into the nasty waters of addiction and alcoholism, we usually find ourselves struggling to tread in the deep end (as the current will surely always take us). The chaos that amalgamates […]

Finding God in the Chores – Any Length Work Ethic

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]   The Any Length Retreat prides itself in doing good solid work. Daily our guests join in work ethic. Whether it is learning how to clean a kitchen properly, sweep and mop the floors, putting in a new window, or repairing a cattle guard. The possibilities are endless for our guests to learn how to do daily […]


What is Meditation? Meditation is about a commitment to yourself and to the power of your understanding to sit still for a period to quiet the mind and focus on the breath. A time to reflect, seek guidance and listen for the intuitive thought. On the journey of recovery, this tool becomes a daily discipline […]

K2 Overdoses On The Rise In Austin Texas.

K2 a common misconception that this will be safe because I can pass a drug test.  K2 has been made attractive along with its easy accessibility in local gas stations, head shops, and adult stores. K2 has been a problem on the rising as well as the popularity of synthetic drugs as a whole. This […]


I am the Mom of a Recovering Alcoholic.  Our lives Changed on February 8 2012. This is Our Story from Alcoholism to Recovery I worried every time that phone rang, especially late at night.  Heading home from work I was expecting 3 of my kids to be heading to Houston, I always loved when they […]

Any Length is Nalaxone Trained

http://keyetv.com/news/local/walgreens-to-make-anti-overdose-drug-that-prevents-opioid-deaths-accessible AUSTIN, Texas — Right now, Austin Police continue to investigate a string of overdose deaths they believe were caused by the drug fentanyl.It’s a synthetic opioid that is 100 times stronger than morphine and can prove lethal in the smallest of doses.This, as the nation struggles with a heroin epidemic. “You fill those holes […]

Growing Spiritually

  Growing spiritually is like working out at the gym. After the first training session, I desire immediate results. Similarly, once I begin to seek God, I receive immediate results, though I may not see them or they are not what I expect. Just as I train my muscles at the gym, if I want […]

The Greatest Gift

  What is the greatest gift? Today, step outside of yourself. In doing so I get to go deeper within. Have you ever done something for someone and immediately felt connected to Power? Unblocking self is as simple as saying a prayer for a friend or stopping and giving a compliment to a “stranger”. I […]

Spiritual GANGSTA

PHOTO PROVIDED BY: HANK EDWARDS   Are you GANGSTA? God Answers Now Grow Selfless To All There is one who has all Power. May you find Him now! The message which can hold these types (the real deal) must have depth and weight. What has more depth and weight than an alcoholic tapped into an […]

Give Thanks

  Life is truly amazing. We should be truly baffled by the beauty of this world. We are spearheads of God’s ever-advancing creation. We are perfect in the eyes of our Maker, and therefore, should not sell ourselves short. We tried that and only diminished our worth through self-robbery. We make Him proud by simply […]

Power Is Within My Friends

  PHOTO PROVIDED BY: HANK EDWARDS “The greatest human quest is to know what one must do in order to become a human being.” —IMMANUEL KANT Where do we find power? What kind of power do you want to live by? I believe there are two powers in this world: Darkness and Light. Everything is capable of […]

Any Length Extended Care – Opening June 1st 2016

Welcome to Any Length Extended Care! We have a structured program that will unify men to work together towards a common solution. We provide an environment for individuals, who like us, could not live with or without drugs or alcohol. We sit down each day with our residents and show them how to live a life […]

A Message of Hope from an Any Length Alumni- Wayne Johnson

My name is Wayne Johnson, I am a person in recovery. My clean date is 2/12/14. One month before I got out of a three month in patient treatment program, I started having anxiety about where I was going to live. They told me in rehab that I had to change my, “People, Places, and […]

Let Go and Let God

Broken Dreams “As children bring their broken toys With tears for us to mend, I brought my broken dreams to God Because He was my Friend. “But instead of leaving Him In peace to work alone, I hung around and tried to help with ways that were my own. At last I snatched them back […]

Purpose in Life

    Photo Provided by: Hank Edwards http://www.hankedwardsfinearts.com/    What is the purpose of the 12 steps? It has been our experience that the 12 steps allow an individual who is suffering from over concentration upon ones self to move away from selfishness/self centeredness and begin to live in an unselfish way. The process of […]


  Be inspired today. Make a decision to live today as if it were your last. Leave no stone unturned. Take time to think of of others and how you may be helpful to them. Today is a gift, and we get to be present to the the Sunlight of the Spirit. Forgive those whom […]

Grandpa’s Farm

Grandpas Farm is a great place to be free. The warmth of the sun coming through the drapes and the smell of firewood burning filled the space. My grams stands in the kitchen preparing pumpkin pie and holiday food. Crazy Uncle sits fifteen feet high, cigar in mouth but not even lit, waiting waiting for […]

Give Freely

Give like the Earth. Today give of yourself. What if today the trees decided, ” Well guys, we are not going to give out any oxygen today because we do not like the way those humans are treating earth. Let’s see what happens when they cannot breathe.” Thank goodness Mother Earth does not put expectations […]

Question and Answer

Why should you or a loved one go into a sober living environment or a recovery residence? Our experience proves that when drug addicts and alcoholics reside in a recovery residence, their liklihood of obtaining longevity in recovery is greatly improved. This, of course, is provided that the individual takes continuous action in his or […]

Alcoholics Anonymous

The label “Alcoholics Anonymous” evokes a certain stigma that most people new to sobriety are not comfortable with. The idea of going to a meeting where someone might see you is uncomfortable in early sobriety. Even admitting that you’re an alcoholic can take time to get used to. Alcoholics Anonymous is Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous is […]