Where Do We Find Power?

Where do we find power? What kind of power do you want to live by? I believe there are two powers in this world: Darkness and Light. Everything is capable of emerging out of the darkness into the light. Nothing can outrace its own light. Powerful! So, why do we stay stuck? Why is it that at moments we get lost? I always want to look for power outside of self. I buy something, and I get temporary relief from the material world. Relief is never sufficient! Who would want relief when you can have real freedom? What if I told you that you have been looking in the wrong direction? What you came looking for, you came looking with. That power is within you. All you have to do is look inward and search fearlessly. Isn’t that freeing? How simple it is just to be. Rather than wasting your efforts searching externally, you no longer have to put effort into becoming awake in the light. Just as walking into a dark room, you merely have to turn on the power switch located deep within yourself. Power is within my friends.

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Any Length Retreat is a 5 acre ranch in Austin, TX where addicted men and their families find lifelong recovery through the application of the Twelve Steps. Contact us to tell us your story.

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