What is Our Purpose?

What is our purpose? Is it to get what we need and help others when we can? Can we get by each day if we only help others when it is convenient? Do we want to just merely survive, or do we want to grow and thrive; to become productive individuals and help rebuild communities. Many times, I only wanted to support myself and always ended up falling on my face. It was only when others loved me that I began to get better. I started to help others just as those before had helped me. Self-help programs are a waste of time if you are anything like us. We need a way of living that kills our false self. Helping others is the solution. Surrender today and help someone other than yourself. In doing so, you will come to know real freedom from your own self.

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Any Length Retreat is a 5 acre ranch in Austin, TX where addicted men and their families find lifelong recovery through the application of the Twelve Steps. Contact us to tell us your story.

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