The Any Length Retreat’s Philosophy

The Any Length Retreat’s Philosophy
The Any Length Retreat is located just north of Austin Texas on 5 acres. Any Length is an affordable alternative to recovery centers. We have a non-clinical drug rehabilitation that empowers men who have not had success in staying sober on their power or have tried countless other methods to achieve recovery and have failed to remain abstinent. The Any Length Retreat is not a substitute for medical, psychotherapy, and clinical treatment nor do we offer any clinical or psychiatric services. We cater to men who are willing to believe that they are alcoholic/addict and take the necessary actions to recover, live sober, and become productive members of society. Our experienced staff and committed volunteers provide well-grounded guidance and love to those who are suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our holistic approach will enable our guests to establish a foundation of recovery disciplined in the spiritual principles of 12 Step Recovery. Any Length Retreat’s philosophy is straightforward and clear-cut; it relies on a unified community approach. We bridge the gap for individuals who are hungry for change, to those who have experienced a complete psychic change and are living a life dictated by spiritual principles.


The disease of alcoholism/addiction is fatal and progressive in nature, and this guidance will create an atmosphere where recovery is both attractive and entirely possible. By providing a map that empowers our guests to tap into the recovery community.


Experiencing the way of life encompassed in the Twelve Steps of Recovery and an emphasis on the spiritual as well as moral principles of recovery are the characteristics of the Any Length Retreat. The Any Length Retreat creates an experiential environment that fosters mental, physical, spiritual and emotional growth. On a daily basis, our guests share their experience, strength and hope with each other, being honest with their peers, understanding the hopeless feature of addiction, and experience the freedom of self by taking action in the 12 Steps of Recovery. We hope that the men who come here will say “I believe what you men say is true, and I am willing to go to Any Length to recover.”

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Any Length Retreat is a 5 acre ranch in Austin, TX where addicted men and their families find lifelong recovery through the application of the Twelve Steps. Contact us to tell us your story.

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