Ronald Weaver

anylength Testmonials

I am an Any Length alumni. My name is Ronald Weaver. My sobriety date is Feb. 8, 2013, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Any Length plays a big part in the foundation and discipline that has allowed me to be Sober for almost 5 years, WOW!!!
When I first walked through the doors I was in complete fear-driven by it. WeThe family and I sat down to talk with Hank who was painting a Willie Nelson portrait. Which I’ve always been a fan of art. His soul was exposed and that was inviting, so I felt right at home. This man was free and I wanted what he had. These men Hank(house manager at the time),
Robert(owner) was so invested in their recovery and helping others as well. They grabbed hold of me with open hearts
and showed me the way to God and how to get involved in helping others. Fell in love with these men and the way they
treated others. Any Length gave me hope to know that men just like me could recover as well to have fun doing it. We
were a brotherhood a family. We have shared the best of times together. Hank became my sponsor best of friend and
mentor. Robert my best friend and running buddy. We would go to meetings and met each other’s families. These men exemplify the way of Any Length and represent what it’s all about.

Giving rather than receiving. The unity that we are all connected. That we are here to serve and give back. For these guys, I am forever grateful and will continue to give back. This life is so beautiful and I want everyone to know that. Won’t stop until it happens that’s the Any Length way. Go above and beyond to help others. Thank you for allowing me to have a life beyond my dreams and showing me that it’s all possible because of god. Love the Any Length family forever.