Spiritual Based

Individuals that suffer from the disease of drug addiction might get defensive when suggested to seek a spiritual path to recover from their addiction. Many of these people confuse the concepts of spirituality and religion, then reject the idea of a spiritual solution. Spirituality and religion do have some overlaps, although spiritual healing from addiction speaks to a different part of an individual’s psyche than religious beliefs do. Spirituality seeks to teach someone that they are part of something greater than themselves and that it’s possible for them to reach peace and contentment without the use of drugs or alcohol. Those in recovery who are healing from addiction can free selves from the bonds of addiction by discovering their own higher power that gives them the guidance and strength to help live along spiritual guidelines.

Many people in recovery turn to their substances when they confront certain triggers in their lives. This happens because of the changes that took place in the brain from abusing substances. By nature, the brain has chemically developed a way to respond to stress with cravings for drugs or alcohol. Some of these triggers might be things such as job-related stress, relationship issues, social situations, low self-esteem or simply a general sense of dissatisfaction with an individual’s way of current life.

Each individual’s concept of spirituality will differ from person to person which is perfectly acceptable since it’s important for each person to have their own conception of a higher power and some sort of power that they are able to follow and live by in order to achieve sobriety. By having a spiritual perspective on daily life, an individual is able to have heightened awareness of his or her circumstances and the triggers that lead him or her to substance abuse.

While in recovery, it’s common to see some people who are able to put drugs and alcohol behind them, although they still retain the negative emotions and resentment that grew and festered while in active addiction. These types of people are susceptible to relapse whether it be within weeks or years after their last used substance. Spiritual healing is especially effective at addressing this issue because it helps individuals regain a greater sense of perspective and to reject any form of negativity that could possibly drive them back to drugs/alcohol.

Any Lengths Retreat is an all men treatment center that utilizes the 12-step program in order to stay sober and treat addiction with an optimal method of recovery. We believe that working a solid 12-step program and living a spiritual life is the solution to recovery and to live a life of sobriety.