The Any Length Retreat

Any Length provides an ideal environment to lay the groundwork for lifelong recovery. Our Retreat is rustic, technology unplugged, and based on a communal framework that fosters teamwork, accountability, and engagement.


A 30-Day commitment to our program removes you from your usual environment, providing a clean slate to discover causes and conditions that lead to addiction.


If you’re serious about recovery, we’ve seen the most success from guests who stay with us for 60+ days. Establish a life pattern to conquer addiction permanently.


We specialize in rehab-resistant addicts. A 90-day stay is perfect for addicts and alcoholics who keep relapsing in spite of multiple stays in rehab facilities. We’ve seen life return to the seemingly hopeless.

Lifelong Recovery

The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety or abstinence. It’s connection.

To this end, our addiction recovery program takes place in a small community stripped of the trappings of modern life. It involves working closely with others who are struggling with addiction themselves as well as one-on-one sessions with veteran mentors who have recovered from addiction themselves using the methods we advocate.

The Heart of Recovery

We work with each individual to fashion a custom plan and timeline for recovery, rooted in the Twelve Steps. All of our guests are unique, so all of our plans for recovery are unique as well.

We do this through extensive interaction with each and every guest, sussing out the root causes and conditions of their addiction.

friends in recovery

A Holistic Approach

We differ from traditional treatment centers by endorsing a hands-on approach that addresses the core causes of addiction rather than simply treating symptoms. Rather than teach avoidance tactics we take a personal approach that builds healthy habits through continual community involvement.

Because we are holistic, we are able to offer one of the best options for comprehensive addiction treatment in the state of Texas – especially for the uninsured. We pride ourselves on our individual attention and personal approach, and every single person on staff at Any Length is a recovered addict themselves.