The Any Length Retreat

30-90 Day Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center

Any Length provides an ideal environment to lay the groundwork for lifelong recovery. Our Retreat is rustic, technology unplugged, and based on a communal framework that fosters teamwork, accountability, and engagement. We accept all guests interested in spending 30+ days working on the core mechanisms of addiction with the goal of achieving permanent freedom from addiction.

Lifelong Recovery

The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety or abstinence. It’s connection.

To this end, our addiction recovery program takes place in a small community stripped of the trappings of modern life. It involves working closely with others who are struggling with addiction themselves as well as one-on-one sessions with veteran mentors who have recovered from addiction themselves using the methods we advocate.

The Heart of Addiction

Any Length helps addicts of all stripes: alcohol, hard drugs, marijuana, sex addiction, gambling… Our process has seen success with all of these illnesses.

Rather than adopt pre-made 30/60/90-day programs like many similar facilities do, we work with each individual to fashion a custom plan and timeline for recovery. All of our guests are unique, so all of our plans for recovery are unique as well.

We do this through extensive interaction with each and every guest. We suss out the root causes and conditions of their addiction and treat it directly through a course of vigorous action.

That said, although addiction manifests in many different ways, we’ve found a common solution. Courses of action and length of stay may vary, but all of our programs have a firm foundation in the Twelve Steps.

The Twelve Steps have a reputation as being associated with religion, but we find that the fundamental principles are effective regardless of an individual’s spiritual or religious worldview. Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists, and others have all fully recovered from addiction using the methods we teach.

Addiction is simple, but people are complex. To make enduring change, it’s absolutely essential to take a highly personalized approach.

Although the kinds of transformations we see every month may appear supernatural, they are ultimately personal, internal, and lasting.

A Non-Clinical Approach

The Any Length Retreat differs from clinical centers by endorsing a hands-on approach that addresses the core causes of addiction rather than simply treating symptoms. Many of our residents have been through rehab multiple times, but they find our process to be strikingly different than what they’re used to. Rather than teach avoidance tactics like staying away from “triggers” or using dubious approaches like music therapy, we take a personal approach that builds healthy mental habits and life habits through continual community involvement.

Because we are non-clinical, we are able to offer one of the best options for comprehensive addiction treatment in the state of Texas – especially for the uninsured. We pride ourselves on our individual attention and personal approach, and every single person on staff at Any Length is a recovered addict themselves.

There are a lot of bad actors in the addiction industry who take advantage of desperate people and insurance companies. We are dedicated to not contributing to this opportunistic and unethical behavior. At the end of the day, we are men who have recovered from addiction ourselves and want to create the ideal environment and culture to help others do the same.

The Retreat

The Any Length Retreat is located on a 5-acre property in Pflugerville, TX (just outside of Austin, TX). Our approach is deliberately non-technological. Although we see nothing intrinsically wrong with technology and the interconnectedness that it affords, we find it useful to temporarily strip away any and all distractions so that we can focus on addiction and comradery full-time at the Retreat.

Guests do not have access to smartphones or computers, and calls to family members are limited to once-a-week opportunities.

Life at the retreat is simple but effective. We cook together, clean together, and exercise together. We build healthy life habits of responsibility, accountability, and time management. Daily meetings and discussions are a cornerstone of the process, encouraging our guests to become vulnerable enough that true change can occur.

Length of Stay

At most inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facilities, the standard recommended stay is 90 days. We see the wisdom in this. Addiction is a condition that takes significant time to cultivate, and untangling ourselves from it likewise takes time. As such, we encourage all of our guests to give the program at least 60 days if they are serious about permanent recovery, and we point to a 90-day investment as the gold standard for laying a sufficient groundwork.

We do not accept any guests who are not willing to invest at least 30 days, as shorter stays simply don’t provide the kind of time and intensity necessary to cultivate lasting life patterns.

Every recovery plan is an ongoing conversation tailored specifically to the individual and their progress in their program, so extensions and early releases are decided case-by-case through discussion with a guest and their family. Our goal is to only encourage graduation from the program when we are confident that the guest is on track for a permanent transformation in their recovered life.

If you’re interested in our program, use our Preregistration Form to check eligibility and openings.

Check Availability

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us at (866) 957-7732.

After the Retreat

In early sobriety, it’s important for a man in recovery to surround himself with people who will hold him accountable in the new course of life he has set for himself. As such, we strongly recommend following rehabilitation with Sober Living.

Sober Living Houses are communal homes where recovering addicts and alcoholics can continue practicing the skills they learned at the Retreat. Here residents can maintain structure and stay close to recovery resources and team members while re-engaging work and their community.

Any Length offers Sober Living in Austin, TX, but we can also recommend a number of other reputable homes if space is unavailable or the location isn’t ideal.

We recommend all graduates of our program commit to time in Sober Living upon leaving the retreat.

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In addition to Sober Living, we also provide Recovery Integration Coaching. RIC is a formal relationship with a recovery expert who provides a man in early recovery with an additional level of accountability and guidance. Weekly meetings are held to set and maintain life goals, discuss difficulties, and navigate some of the more complex aspects of picking up one’s life after years of substance abuse.

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