90-Day Program

Road To Reconstruction Program

Recovery is a set of disciplines that a clean and sober person must engage in daily to build a recovered life. While in our 30 and 60 programs, participants will learn about these disciplines and take steps to begin them, in our 90-day program a participant will incorporate these disciplines into their lives so that by the time they move to transitional living they are well grounded in the process of recovery.

When most people think of addiction recovery, their minds go to sterile, clinical environments and 28-day addiction treatment center programs. However, the difficulty with most of those facilities is that patients are subjected to methodologies, which don’t always work for their specific needs. At Any Length Retreat, we pride ourselves on offering a complete and affordable complement to such clinical centers with a high degree of personalization and a level of individual, one-on-one attention. Further, our 90-day recovery program is located within the small community of Pflugerville, TX, (just outside Austin, TX), can offer you a much more powerful restorative experience that’s tailored specifically to each guest. Every person who suffers from alcoholism and/or drug addiction has a different background, became addicted through various circumstances, and has different recovery needs. Our 90-day recovery programmed retreat affords ample time to ensure that every person gets the individualized attention necessary to become confident in sobriety and prepared for men’s sober living in Austin, TX.

The ‘Road to Reconstruction’ Program

Although we also have a thirty-day and sixty-day addiction recovery program—the Road to Reconstruction Retreat — is the most intensive level of care that we offer. Our 90-day retreat is designed to provide individuals with a safe environment that’s separate from their homes and conducive to the recovery process. With three months of time, individuals in our Road to Reconstruction Retreat can achieve a level of comfort and confidence in their recoveries that will aid them in sustaining their sobriety for the long-term.

A Complement to Clinical Treatment Programs

It’s important to remember that Any Length Retreat is not intended to be a replacement for your clinical treatment centers. Instead, our retreat is meant to work in harmony with your other recovery tools and skills acquired from those treatment centers by providing an opportunity to put those vital life skills into action over the course of your stay with us. Meanwhile, our Road to Reconstruction Retreat will offer elements like guided meditation, topical group sessions, recovery meetings, ethics coaching, and a variety of other useful tools. It’s our goal to help individuals hone their recovery skills before progressing into our men’s sober living in Austin or returning home to put their recovery skills to the test. One of the biggest challenges of long-term sobriety is an insufficient length of time devoted to overcoming alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Committing to 90-days at the Any Length Retreat will provide you with ample time, in a clean and safe environment, to strengthen the foundation of your recovery by reviewing or relearning any of the skills you might need to remain sober indefinitely.