30-Day Program

Vicious Cycle Program

Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to addiction recovery. Our Vicious Cycle Retreat is an addiction rejuvenation regimen that takes individuals through the entire recovery process in an expedited manner.

Do you want to stop relapsing? Any Length Retreat offers a 30-day intensive program for men who have relapsed while in sober living. The reason we offer a program like this one is because if you have relapsed while in sober living then you probably don’t need to go back to treatment. There’s no right or wrong way to recover from addiction. This is reflected in the many different recovery resources that are available today. However, few recovery tools condense an intensive recovery regimen into a 30-day period. At our 30-day recovery center, near, Austin, Texas, you will receive individualized care. Meanwhile, you’ll benefit from an intensive regiment that’s designed to help individuals learn more about why they became addicted, take their recoveries to the next level, renew their knowledge of the Twelve Steps, and help with anything else they might need before progressing back into men’s sober living in Austin, Texas.

The ‘Vicious Cycle’ Program

Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to addiction recovery. Our Vicious Cycle Retreat is a 30-day addiction rejuvenation regiment that takes individuals through the entire recovery process in an expedited manner. Each of our recovery retreats are designed to offer a very individualized journey of recovery. The Vicious Cycle Retreat is recommended to men who have relapsed in another sober living environment or for other men who are currently in a treatment center and need an immediate and effective plan of action before transitioning into a sober living home.

The best use of our 30-day recovery retreat, is to go into our facility with an open mind. Many individuals in the Vicious Cycle Retreat are seeking answers as to why they became addicted to alcohol or drugs in the first place. Alternately, many guests in our 30-day recovery retreat want to take their recoveries to the next level. This 30-day recovery program for men, in Austin’s neighboring town of Pflugerville, TX, can also be an intensive crash-course on the Twelve Steps and how to apply them in daily life.

Assessing the Cause of Addiction

Many of us assume that when it comes to addiction, it’s the alcohol or drugs that are the problem. In fact, many addicts’ loved ones tend to think this way, believing that the source of the problem is the addictive substance. However, this type of thinking is incorrect. The real problem with addiction is the addict/alcoholic because it’s the addict/alcoholic who comes to see alcohol or drugs as a solution. Over time, continually relying on alcohol or drugs as one’s answer inevitably results in the development of chemical dependency and addiction; seeking and consuming the substance of choice becomes the primary goal.

Addiction is a disease with roots through one’s body, mind, and soul. Overcoming this disease isn’t a matter of taking medication or seeing a counselor, even though those may be integral measures. Recovery requires a person to address some different aspects of the disease as well. This process differs for every individual who suffers from addiction, but one of the main focuses of our 30-day recovery retreat is in helping each to determine the cause or causes of his addiction

There are many different factors that can contribute to the development of addiction. Some believe there’s a strong biological basis for the development of dependence with individuals inheriting genes from their parents that make them more likely to become addicted. As well, there are a variety of environmental factors, including being around other addicts, witnessing substance abuse at an impressionable age, or simply having easy access to mind-altering substances. We believe that if you are the real alcoholic or drug addict, then the only way to stop relapsing is by being willing, honest, and open minded. In our Vicious Cycle Retreat, we want to guide each resident through the process of discovering how to take action in recovery and become recovered for life.

Understanding what led to one’s addiction is a crucial part of the recovery process for a number of reasons. The most important reason is that discovering the cause of the addiction will allow a person to take steps to ensure that those causes don’t result in a future relapse. As well, learning about one’s journey into addiction is cathartic, facilitating the healing process and helping a person to learn from past mistakes and use those experience to help other men in recovery. Beginning with their stay at the Any Length Retreat Men’s Residential Recovery Center located conveniently outside of Austin, TX.

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