Restoring Men To Their Truest Self.



Any Length is the ideal environment to create lifelong recovery. Our Retreat is intimate, home-like, and based on a communal framework that fosters teamwork, accountability, and engagement. Guests at Any Length Retreat who take what they learn here and apply it to their lives consistently find permanent recovery from addiction.
At Any Length, men become useful and valuable members of their communities. They return to their families as present and engaged men for the first time in years. They find a new peace that affects every aspect of their lives, and the need for mind-altering substances fades away. Any Length Retreat gives guests the opportunity to experience the beauty of a drug and alcohol-free life first-hand. We practice personal accountability, meal preparation, time management, goal pursuit, physical fitness, and the application of the 12 steps to achieve this well-rounded result.


We customize each guests program and timeline for recovery, knowing that each person and their challenges will be unique. We do this though a program of continuous interaction with each guest, uncovering the root causes and conditions driving their addiction. New guests are intentionally given a “kingly” status and often for the first time find themselves truly able to give themselves to the healing process.
Lasting Results


Our entire staff are recovered men themselves, and we believe in a hands-on approach that addresses the core causes of addiction. Many clinical treatment centers focus on simply treating symptoms. We take a personal approach that builds healthy habits through continual community involvement, accountability, and trust in their brothers. This approach enables us to offer one of the best options for comprehensive addiction treatment in the state of Texas.
Any Length A Life-Changing Community


Through our own experience, we’ve seen how the system works. Insurance companies have created a system that treats the symptoms of addiction, but rarely have we seen it clean out the root causes.
For us, it’s not about the billable hours. It’s about true freedom from compulsive addictive behaviors, and restoring the truest version of the man possible.
Non-Clinical on Purpose


We believe that the opposite of sobriety isn’t just abstinence, but
connection. This belief is what has formed one of the strongest alumni groups in Texas. At Any Length, once you have completed our program you are always welcome back to enjoy our amenities, participate in meetings, and sponsor new guests. In fact, we
encourage it and believe that community is vital to lifelong recovery.
Recovered for Life


  • Gym and Fitness Program with Certified Trainers

  • Basketball, Volleyball, and Frisby Golf on site

  • Gardening and Landscaping

  • Walking Paths as well as multiple quiet spaces

  • Cooking and Self care practices

  • Community events and activities

  • Off-site community service programs

  • 12-Step Mastery Program

  • Yoga

  • Group Therapy


“This place gave me my life back. It showed me what I can be and what I needed to do to be that person. The sense of brotherly love is amazing. The staff truly cares about you and wants to see you get better. I couldn’t have asked for a better treatment center!”

“After working in the treatment field myself I have to say something beautiful happens here. They have a team of trustworthy, respectful and loving men. I have many friends that have gone through their program and watched them transform their lives. The success rate they have is beautiful. I recommend Any Length to anyone who has a desire to stop drinking or using.”

“ALR is really a place where you can grow. I came in a broken person, but the brotherhood there builds you back up into a man of principle. This was not my first treatment center. However, this was a brand new experience. I will truly cherish the memories and friends I made here.”

The Highest Rated Men’s Addiction Recovery Center in Austin, TX