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AnyLength Retreat: An Integrated Approach to Recovery

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol abuse, drug addiction, or a co-occurring disorder? We can help. AnyLength Retreat is an alternative approach for men to alcohol rehab, residential treatment facilities, and traditional rehab programs or treatment plans.

12-step Program and Retreat

At AnyLength Retreat, we focus on the application of an entirely new set of principles that is very different from the ones that most addicts have been subjected to in the past. We choose these principles rather than using cognitive-behavioral therapy, which has proven ineffective in many cases.

Our approach is based on the 12-step program, which involves support groups and peer counseling to aid in recovery. The Retreat is a technology-unplugged environment. It’s rustic and based on a communal arrangement. This fosters accountability, teamwork, and engagement.

Removing yourself from your normal environment by attending a retreat gives you a clean slate to start your recovery journey on. At a retreat, you’ll be able to explore the root causes of their issues and begin to establish a foundation for lifetime recovery.

Longer stays usually see stronger recovery results, and we specialize in working with clients who have undergone multiple relapses after previous stays in other residential treatment facilities.

Sober Living

Sober living homes help recovering addicts’ transition back to normal life. AnyLength Retreat provides a sober living environment for our male clients. All these homes are located near city transit, grocery stores, and 12-step meetings in an area with lots of job opportunities.

Our programs range from 30 days to nine months, based on our client’s needs. They are divided into three phases that help clients progress through responsibilities designed to take them from addiction to a lifetime of recovery.

Phase One involves random drug and alcohol screenings, five morning meetings, house accountability meetings, weekly family updates, peer recovery and accountability meetings. There is also a 10 p.m. curfew with no passes issued.

Phase Two continues with random drug and alcohol screenings, two morning meetings, house accountability meetings, biweekly family updates, peer recovery and accountability meetings. During this phase, there’s a normal house curfew with one pass per month.

In Phase Three, clients will continue with random drug and alcohol screenings, two morning meetings, house accountability meetings, monthly family updates, peer recovery and accountability meetings and no curfew with multiple monthly passes.

Recovery Integration Coaching

We provide Recovery Integration Coaching (R.I.C.). When used in the early part of recovery programs, R.I.C. can assist our clients with becoming financially, emotionally, and spiritually self-supporting. This helps to relieve the burden on loved ones.

R.I.C. is a mind, body, and spirit approach to recovery. It teaches real-world practical skills, such as resume building, job interviewing, time management, and money management skills. It also stresses responsibility and accountability and separates wants from needs.

R.I.C. also provides clients with information on how to build healthy relationships and focuses on helping them to become happy, productive members of society without the use of drugs and alcohol.

AnyLength Retreat provides a successful program for recovery that isn’t a rehab center addiction center or substance abuse treatment center. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of care standards, and our goal is to help individuals become happy, healthy and whole. At AnyLength Retreat, you can become recovered for life.

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