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Any Length Retreat offers a full continuum of care in our gender-specific programs. We have had a great deal of success using the 12-step program to help clients overcome addiction and achieve long-term sobriety.

The 12-Step Program

The 12-step program encourages you to adopt guiding principles that help you achieve and maintain abstinence from behavior such as gambling addiction or substance abuse like alcohol and drugs. The lessons learned and bonds formed during addiction treatment have the potential of lasting a lifetime. The steps include:

1. Admitting to being powerless over an addiction to the point life is unmanageable

2. Believing in God (a Higher Power) capable of restoring sanity

3. Making the decision to turn your will and life over to that Higher Power

4. Making a fearless and searching inventory of yourself

5. Admitting to God, yourself, and others the nature of your wrongs

6. Ready to have God remove all character defects

7. Humbly asking God to remove shortcomings

8. Making a list of people harmed and resolve to make amends

9. Making direct amends whenever possible, unless doing so has the potential of injuring them or others

10. Continuing to take personal inventory and promptly admit to being wrong

11. Seeking to improve contact with God through meditation or prayer. Asking to know God’s will for you and the power to carry it out

12. After achieving a spiritual awakening, trying to carry the message to other addicts and practice the principles in all affairs

Sober Living

Often, men who leave inpatient treatment centers struggle with adjusting back to daily life. A sober living home serves as a bridge between the “real world” and an inpatient facility.

A sober living home offers an in-between recovery option that reinforces lessons learned in rehab centers. For many men, moving into one makes a difference between returning to cognitive behavioral habits and staying on the path to sobriety. It alleviates concerns about going from a monitored environment back to daily life.

For many in the early stages of recovery, a sober living home may provide the only option for a truly safe living scenario — making this a very important step in long-term sobriety. It is not as structured as inpatient addiction centers but presents an intermediate sober environment that encourages developing coping habits and skills for the eventual return home.

Sober living homes allow you to ease back into a healthy life and start the return to daily responsibilities and tasks. A sober living home is not as restrictive as addiction centers. Residents still have rules that include group meeting attendance and curfews.

Recovery Integration Coaching

Recovery integration coaching is an intensive outpatient program that takes a holistic approach. Engaging the mind, body, heart, and spirit, this coaching helps clients to improve their mental and physical well-being by creating healthier, more productive habits in all areas of life. At Any Length Retreat, we guide you through the transition period that follows inpatient treatment.

A recovery coach identifies, implements, and monitors short- and long-term goals to help you sustain recovery. Included are transitional and community-based health care elements that incorporate a dynamic hands-on approach. We develop a treatment plan that includes contact with a recovery coach, socialization, and community acclamation. Recovery integration coaching includes:

  • Guidance in building a resume
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Money management; Creating a budget and holding you accountable to fulfill your plan to secure your future
  • Separating wants and needs: Spending responsibly for future planning
  • Navigating healthy relationships by setting boundaries that ensure you spend time with healthy individuals
  • Managing time to prevent occurring disorder of behavior and become more than someone from a recovery community.

The goal is to become a productive member of society. The program helps you make informed, healthy choices that support emotional and physical well-being and have relationships that provide hope, love, friendship, and support.

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