Is Snorting Fentanyl a New Trend?

The Deathly High

Fentanyl is a fast-acting drug used to treat severe pain, however, in some cases fentanyl has become a never-ending nightmare. If you’re a fan of TV shows similar to The Walking Dead, you have an idea of what to expect from the zombie side effects of this horrible habit. The terrifying fact is that fentanyl is currently being used as a replacement on the streets for heroin. Drug users are not only injecting fentanyl but also snorting fentanyl which is causing the number of deaths from overdose to steadily rise.

Not A New Trend After All

Sadly, snorting fentanyl is not as new of a trend as many realize. It’s a gateway method of use that can often lead to intravenous needles. It seems to be a transition between taking a pill and using a needle, making the descending spiral into dangerous drug use seem not as sheer or shocking.

Crossing The Line

When using drugs, you may claim to have boundaries that you will never cross. If you are used to swallowing pills, you might think you will never progress to buying a powdered substance and snorting them into your nose. However, you will ultimately find yourself crossing the line, and then snorting lines of fentanyl or heroin. When you’re getting high, you’re not in the right state of mind to say “no” to trying more dangerous and new activities.

What Makes Snorting Fentanyl So Bad?

Aside from damaging your sinuses and nasal passages, you’re putting yourself at risk for serious side effects, such as cardiovascular arrest. Fentanyl is an insanely powerful drug, nearly 100 times as potent as morphine. It’s so potent that it’s measured in micrograms. While most opioids can kill by slowing down breathing, fentanyl is far more dangerous, especially when combined with alcohol or other drugs.

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