Interventions Should Be Much More

Most individuals believe that the focus of an intervention is to get a loved one into treatment, however, getting a loved one to treatment is just the beginning. At Any Length Retreat we work with Mark Crandall, LMSW, LCDC to ensure that not only the loved one makes it to treatment, but also ensure that a plan is in place to work with the family on recovering while their loved one is receiving treatment. 

It is crucial for long-term recovery that the entire family system heals. If family recovery work is not done and the loved one relapses in behavior after treatment, the chances of the loved one getting back into their program of recovery diminishes. By intervening with an addict and providing long-term recovery to the entire support system, healthy systems are put in place to ensure enabling and other previously unnecessary practices are no longer in operation.

When the vicious circle of enabling ends, the loved one is given the opportunity to focus on their own life of recovery much more diligently than when someone was constantly providing them with a safety net. Some of the most important lessons in recovery are learned when a loved ones back is against the wall and forced to navigate their way out of the situation while practicing the principles that are the foundation of recovery.