Give Freely

Give like the Earth. Today give of yourself. What if today the trees decided, ” Well guys, we are not going to give out any oxygen today because we do not like the way those humans are treating earth. Let’s see what happens when they cannot breathe.” Thank goodness Mother Earth does not put expectations on giving. Trees do not care if we are black, white, rich or poor. They do not base how much oxygen we will receive on how we look or if we just happened to cut down one of their fellow trees. Mother Earth just be’s. She has a purpose to fulfill and follows it without judgment. How beautiful. We can learn a lot by watching how wonderful the Earth treats us. Today be the tree and go help someone you have never met for free. Just be what God intended you to be. The vessel of the heart is reached not in what we receive but in that which we get rid of.
God bless.

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