Building A Life Worth Staying Sober For.



A natural next step for those who’ve recently completed a recovery program and are entering the world newly sober, Any Length Coaching is designed to take that foundation and build the life they’ve always been meant for- one free of addiction and filled with meaning, purpose, and connection. A life worth staying sober for.
Any Length Coaching is a 6 – 12 month program where we focus on building up the man, his understanding of what drives him, and focus that towards personal growth and discovery.



First we help our clients learn more about themselves, focusing on self development and emotional intelligence. Most of the time these men have focused heavily on what is wrong with them so we intentionally re-write their internal narrative. From cooking classes, to paddle boarding, we push their comfort zone to fine new fulfilling experiences. Men who focus on their strengths are 6X more likely to find true satisfaction in their lives. 


We then focus on recovering the body by working with our certified trainers on a fitness program in our state-of-the-art gym. We assist in the clients nutrition to stimulate rebuilding their abused bodies, and teach self love through self care practices. Loving ourselves is a new concept, and discovery how to love ourselves is core to staying sober.


Now that we’ve established who they are and have reset their brains and bodies with proper nutrients and self-talk, we can focus on their lives, taking an in-depth look at what drives them and what their goals are. Do they have a career or want to build one? How are their relationships serving them? Are they a loving partner or parent? What about social circles? We uncover these rocks to build the ideal environment for maintaining sobriety.


Finally, we learn to rest and recharge our spirit. This is done through scientifically proven practices like positive affirmations, meditation, and discovery of their ideal rest programs. We also use this time to help them connect with the God of their understanding, be that a specific religion of their choosing, or one more abstract that can be found in nature.


We are honored to be entrusted with the care of you or your loved one. Trust me when I say it is the highest honor we could receive. As a man in recovery myself, I know first hand what it takes to defeat addiction, and I know what it is like to be in the shoes of those recently coming into a world of sobriety. A fresh start on even footing, that is filled with fear and challenge, but also opportunity and great reward.In my personal journey to being a recovered man, I worked in many tech start ups as a professional development coach with clients like Microsoft, Google, and Verizon.

I’ve acquired multiple certifications in behavioral change management, conflict management and life coaching, as well as a host of skills that I believe became my secret weapon to defeating addiction. These tools provided me the ability to look deep within, uncover my full potential and live a life that I had only ever dreamed about before recovery.

It was always a dream of mine to be able to take over a decade of experience, with thousands of clients, and focus all that I am at helping other men unlock their full potential. It is with boundless passion that we founded Any Length Coaching, a natural extension of Any Length Retreat, where we help men build a life worth staying sober for.

We look forward to building the truest versions of the men in our program, and helping them to achieve the best version of their lives possible.


Brent Boeckman Any Length Coaching Director
Coaching Director

Brent Boeckman