Darrell D.

My experience at Any Length Retreat was unlike any other treatment center I have been to. I came in broken and hopeless, wanting to die. I have been to treatment before and have had some time sober but have always missed a few key components, have relapsed multiple times, and had problems identifying what was missing and where I went wrong. The staff and community helped me to see those things, have a new experience and correct the areas of my recovery that I was lacking in before. I had knowledge of the 12 steps and the Big Book but lacked practical application and how to implement them into my life. The staff taught me more than I thought possible and it has been extremely helpful. They were caring and thorough with helping me through my pain and struggles. The curriculum was an accurate representation of what recovery is and how it looks in daily life. It is a nice facility with good vibes and plenty of space for quiet time to yourself when needed, as well as helpful groups and studies to learn about the steps and Big Book. All the staff there work a strong 12 step program and share their experiences in recovery to help you. It was very beneficial being there with a smaller number of guests, as opposed to the other treatment centers I have been to. I was able to experience what the fellowship is all about and develop strong bonds and real brotherhood. This facility helped me learn to love myself and my life again. The Alumni would come visit, which was something I found very helpful and has been very beneficial to my own recovery since I have gotten out of treatment. I am forever grateful for this special place and for the loving and caring people there who are dedicated to helping alcoholics and addicts, as well as their families.

Darrel D.

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