Our Mission

At Any Length Retreat addicted men and their families find lifelong recovery through the application of the Twelve Steps.

Our Vision

Our aim is to be a nationally respected Recovery Center, where men and their families find lifelong freedom from addiction. We believe in unwavering ethics, the healing power of the 12 steps, and being exceptional in all facets of our lives.

Core Values

  • We believe​ in the power of a spiritual experience through the 12 steps.
  • We believe​ in unwavering commitment to ethics at all levels of our organization.
  • We believe​ in treating all guests as family.
  • We believe​ in healing the mind, body, and spirit.
  • We believe​ alumni should always be welcome and are a vital part of our culture.
  • We believe​ in helping the family as a whole find recovery.
  • We believe​ in living by example.
  • We believe​ structure, accountability, and discipline bring about positive internal change.
  • We believe​ the man who has recovered from addiction is uniquely qualified to help the man who still suffers.
  • We believe​ in practicing rigorous honesty in all aspects of our lives.
  • We believe​ in open and honest communication between staff, guests, and families.
  • We believe​ any man can find lifelong recovery and be happy, joyous, and free.

Our Philosophy

We empower men who have not had success in staying sober, have repeatedly been to treatment, intensive outpatient, and have tried other methods to achieve recovery and have failed to remain abstinent from drugs, alcohol, and other mind-altering substances. Guests at Any Length Retreat will uncover the gem of recovery. They will find the willingness to put their dark pasts into God’s hands which will allow them to help each other recognize their seemingly hopeless states of mind. Through this experience, guests will once more become useful in their communities. The mentors within Any Length Retreat and the sponsorship available to our guests will ignite a fire in their hearts. Through the application of the Twelve Steps, our guests will experience the same peace and comfort that the drugs and alcohol once did. Any Length Retreat Staff will help our guests discover the beauty of living a life free from alcohol and drugs. Our guests will also learn life skills, such as proper personal hygiene, meal preparation, and kitchen etiquette, time management, goal setting, and physical fitness.

Our Program

Any Length Retreat is a 15 bed, 12 step intensive men’s Recovery Center, located 20 minutes from downtown Austin, TX on a beautiful 5-acre ranch. We offer a highly effective long-term continuum of care that introduces men to a new way of life through the in-depth study and application of the 12 steps. While we offer 30 and 60 day programs, evidence has shown that those willing to complete at least 90 days have a much higher rate of success. We want individuals that come through our program to not have to ever go through the recovery process again. Upon arrival at the Any Length Retreat, guests are welcomed by a loving and experienced staff, all of whom have established joyful and productive lives as a result of the 12 steps. Our action based and comprehensive study of the 12 steps combined with community, fellowship, and brotherhood, create the ideal atmosphere for men to begin their journey towards lifelong recovery.