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Finding God in the Chores – Any Length Work Ethic


  The Any Length Retreat prides itself in doing good solid work. Daily our guests join in work ethic. Whether it is learning how to clean a kitchen properly, sweep and mop the floors, putting in a new window, or repairing a cattle guard. The possibilities are endless for our guests to learn how to do daily work ethic on our 5-acre property correctly and safely.

Sometimes you have to find God in the chores! 

A lot of good comes from a well-coordinated work ethic program. There is a sense of belonging and an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself that will withstand the test of time. That feeling one gets upon his return here and can recall the efforts he put forth to forge his new beginning.

There’s the sense of accomplishment of a job well done when you can look back at days end and see something that was not there before or is in better shape than the way he found it. Let’s not forget to mention the endorphins that are released through physical exertion, to help us feel better about ourselves. And lastly, the friendships cultivated in a one of a kind way when you give your brother a hand in finding God in the chores.



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Any Length Retreat is a 5 acre ranch in Austin, TX where addicted men and their families find lifelong recovery through the application of the Twelve Steps. Contact us to tell us your story.

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